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Green Tea

Tea comes from bushes of the Camelia chinensis family. The differnces in the types of tea is primarily due to the processing systems.

Freshly plucked tea leaves are transported to the factory, taking care to avoid any transit damage due to handling and heating.

The leaves are plucked from quality plants suited for green tea. Only select desired leaves are plucked by trained workmen.


The manufacturing process of Green Tea involves chronologically :

* Steam Roasting

* Pre Drying

* Rolling

* Final Drying

* Cleaning & Grading

* Packing

Some manufacturers, however, may follow a different process.

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Black C.T.C. Tea

The C.T.C. Tea manufacturing process, an acronym for Crush, Tear & Curl involves;


* Withering reduction

* Cutting in the C.T.C. machines

* Farmenting or Oxidation

* Drying

* Cleaning

* Grading

* Packing



Difference Between Green Tea And CTC Process

Essentially the tea leaf used is the same for green tea and ctc tea. However, certain varieties of leaf are better suited for one or the other.

CTC process requires withering and fermenting whereas in green tea these are not required.

CTC tea is ‘cut’ but green tea is ‘rolled’.


Some Other Known types of Tea Include:

* Orthodox Tea

* Oolong Tea

* White Tea


All ‘Mainak’ Tea is manufactured using the latest technology the machinery is manufactured in - house. Highest standards of hygiene and quality are ensured..